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Go Sens Go lyrics

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(feat. Sugar Ray Emery)

Ottawa Senators Fans
Please Stand Up
Kenny-B I Told You
This City Was Full Of Champions Baby
Got My Hommie Sugar Ray Emery

We Go Hard
We Win
Belly With The Ottawa Senators Champions Baby
Lets Go

Go Sens Go [x8]

Go Sens Go Is What You Hear Us Roar
Let Is Craving The World Every Time We Score?
This Is 613
Belly Rapin The Buds
Sliker By The Team

Mcgrattan Break Your Jaw
Nobody Can Beat Us
It? S The League Leaders
That? S Why We Can Heatley The Heater
Chris Neal Give You The Fist
Alfie Got The Splap Shot Of The Wrist
I Like To Call Spezza Mr Assist
Ray Emery The Raise All Time Blazer
The Mans An Animal But Nobody Can Cage Him Or Tame Him
& When The Other Team Plays Him They Wish Bryan Murray
Would Change Him

We Got The Top Teams Fallen
They can't Skatin
They Left Crawlin
No Holdin Back Were Going All In
Tell Our Opponents Theyre About To Go Golfin
No Serious Ghost
Game Seven

The Best D, Volchenkov, Wade Redden, Corvo, Phillips
Man We Are An Army
My Hommie Shubs Ballin Like My Homie Comrie
Ya? Ll Batter Surrender Calmly
Cause We Play Hard & Ya? Ll Play Hardly
We Bringin Home The Stanley Cup This Year
Blood Sweaten Tears And We Still Here

Go Sens Go [x8]

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