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Grandma's Crib lyrics

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Grandma's Crib lyrics song presented by Tory Lanez :

We was just some little niggas
On and off the corner
Just wanna be a baller
I was just a little nigga
Just a little nigga
And I hit my lil lick
Same day I got rich
Then I

Had to drop 600 on the whip
Young nigga comin' out the 6, nigga
Grandma kicked a nigga out the crib
Now where the fuck am I supposed to live, nigga?
Oh God help a nigga get it how I live
'Cause I was in the kitchen with the whip, nigga
Young nigga found out quick
This trappin' shit ain't really where it is, nigga
I just want my money when I come in the bank
Fishin' for the snitches like there's one in the tank
See the teller talkin' when I come to the bank
See I'm the realest, number 1 in the ring
You know, I had it fly for a new wrist
Jack tripper bubble cup, paint cool whip
These niggas try to hit me with a full clip
I admit it I was slippin' on the bullshit
Then I hopped in it
Fitted with my niggas, talkin' armageddon
Yeah what come around, goin' back around
But I ain't got the time to let the karma get him
Nigga, did it for a new wrist
Had to put him on a news clip
Went from workin' down at Mickey D's
To eatin' out at the Ruth Chris
The roaches would crawl at my crib on the floor
Man, I came up from nothin'
Was 14 and rollin' with niggas so cold that it ain't no discussion
Bought me a .40, I got me a .40, hope cops don't come for me
When you live up in that jungle them niggas try shot for your lonely
I'm up in the 600
My mind on that quick money
I just did my T-4
Now motherfuck my PO
I'm whippin' that box foreign
You talk but your bitches is not foreign
I'm the kid with the benefits
Don't make me that kid with the Glock .40

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