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Guns And Roses (Skit) lyrics

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Guns And Roses (Skit) lyrics song presented by Tory Lanez :

Nyce: Aye yo Tory!
Tory: What!
Nyce: We gotta go nigga, I know you up stairs cuddling with your girl and shit my nigga but we gotta go! Lets get the fuck outta here, my nigga nigga
Tory’s Girlfriend: oh my god, bae tell this nigga to shut the fuck up
Tory: Shit alright my nigga, shut the fuck up i heard you bro
Nyce: My nigga, Jayman just rented a droptop, my nigga its going down, if we all put our money together my nigga we can get like 3-4 bottles my nigga lets go!
Tory’s Girlfriend: What the-fuck
Tory: Yo a-yo my nigga i heard you bro, I’m coming bro, I’m fucking coming my nigga
Nyce: Bro! Keisha gonna be there, Teisha gonna be there, my nigga the twins
Tory: oh my gosh, aye yo bad i gotta go
Nyce: Ayo my nigga we gotta go flex, We gotta go FLEX! Shit
Tory’s Girlfriend: You serious? Again?
Tory: I’ma be back later
Tory’s Girlfriend: Alright..
Tory: Just keep your phone on, stay up alright?
Tory’s Girlfriend: K.. I love you...
Nyce: This nigga always playing these games my nigga. Yo just remember what happened last time bro, Remember what happened!

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