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Heartstrings lyrics

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In the mornin' I'll be gone
No, of course I'll be here
I wake everybody up
Wind the clocks, oil the gears

Heartstrings come rigged
With hinges and springs
You gotta hold them down

We've done the therapies
And we've taken the cures
And all attempts at church
Have left us dizzy from the search
Which leaves us no comfort but each other

Heartstrings come rigged
With horns and wings
You gotta lift them up

Slice of life sliced too thin
Where to stop? Where to begin?
Slice of life sliced to pieces
Where to laugh? Where have we been?

Live a life, live it on
I am ready to be gone
And to stay
Always to stay

In the mornin' you'll be gone
No, of course you'll be here
I wake you before too long
And you smile, love

Heartstrings come rigged
With hinges and springs
Both horns and wings

You gotta lift them up
You gotta lift them up
You gotta hold 'em down

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