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Herojuana Blunts lyrics

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Herojuana Blunts lyrics song presented by A$AP Rocky :

Nash effect

Herojuana blunts, cocaine up in her veins
She dancin', actin' strange
Herojuana blunts, I ain't for the games
Smokin' blunts, rollin' paper planes
What you want?
Uh, I'm the nigga, jump up out the Porsche
Lil' nigga wearin' big shorts, playin' sports
Uh, all up on my court, uh, Porsche
What I thought up in my thoughts
Now I rolled up and boarded, I'm a boss, yes
Niggas know they lost, in the sauce, why you forfeit?
And you know it's ours, it's legit, I'm the toilet bowl
Cocaine up in her veins
Actin' strange, she do it and they smokin' Mary Jane
Herojuana blunts, nigga
I ain't never flexin', never stuntin'
Cocaine up in her—
Cocaine up in her veins, watch her do her dance
Twenty thousand dollars, what you want?
A whole kilo, a brick-uh, a shit-uh
She took a, a sniff-uh, a quickie, a hit-uh
Her favorite, want to be her, her liquor
I seen her, a twister, I'm in her, I'm in her
I mean she dancin' like cocaine up in her veins
Watch her actin' strange
Vampire teeth, you should see her golden fangs
Cocaine up in her veins, while she gettin' brains
Sniff a line up on my dick
Herojuana blunts, nigga, I ain't never stunt
Herojuana blunts, twenty thousand dollars, what you want?
Cocaine up in her veins
Like cocaine up in her veins
Like cocaine up in her veins
Like Cobain up in her veins
Heroin is all up in her system
Ain't a damn thing changed
Gettin' faded on the tame
Gettin' faded off the thing, yeah

Don't take drugs
(Don't take drugs, don't take drugs)
Yes, mother!

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