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History Of Violence lyrics

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The Middle East
Let Go. Yea.
I got a lot of shit on my chest. A lot of weight on my shoulders. Too much shit on my mind.
I gotta let it out. My people need me.
Look. Me, in four I was born in a war-torn corner.
Jenin, Phaliastine (Palestine) where the bombs stomped on us
Try to escape but they never stop falling on us
We'd end up with the weight of thw whole world on us
What's the difference between peace and war,
You can make war from peace, but not peace from war
Man, why you think they teach us for
What the speech is for
Can't nobody fuckin' speak no more
Not I'am getting to the point I cant breath no more.
'cause all I ever read is disease and war
Young soldiers die before their seeds are born
They go back and fourth,
Like somebody's keeping score
And if I know,
That mean that somebody else know
If we all know that doesn't mean that helps close
I want peace I guess that makes me a dreamer,
This is for the victims of the Middle East and Katrina

Do we deserve this
Is it worth it
Why the fuck they got us feeling like we worthless
They do it on purpose and it's workin'
Hey, I aint tryna say that we perfect
We had a history of violence
We had a history of violence
We had a history of violence
We had a history of violence
We had a history

We aint asking you to love us
Stop tryna judge us
Who made the decision to go ahead and say fuck us
But you seeing them hover
It doesn't matter how high
Them warplanes fly
God's above 'em
What happened to Palestinian right, Lebanese freedom
Or war aimed at civilian life
Building get shot down, children goin' fight
Millions watch but they keep on killing despite
I'am watching daughters that cry
Over father that die,

Hit the power plans,
No power, No water supply
Forget the lies

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