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Hun43rd lyrics

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Hun43rd lyrics song presented by A$AP Rocky :

(feat. Dev Hynes)

[Intro: Thug Life]
From the cradle to the grave, I'ma put in work (x7)

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
Yeah, uh-huh
All year long bruh, stuck up in my zone all by my lonesome
Pay the hoe my dues, I brought my own funds
When it's time to war I brought my own guns
Difference is I'm ghetto but I'm wholesome
Nigga saying I switch up like I'm on somethin'
Why you always treat me like I owe some
Truthfully you only wanna hold some
Whip it like I've been a slave
Bucking from a twelve like I've been afraid
Hold up, roll up, burn out couple [?]
Kept a pre-paid, [?]
Hundred forty thirty [?]
Cam'ron had us wearing pink
From the cradle to the grave
Putting work, Hustle round the corner where my mans'd stay
Couldn't work, open up shop from the corner store
Make'em rennovate, with the killer stain
Fuck a lemonade, but they cook it by the minute Maid
Couple niggas hate but the best form of flattery is
When you ima, when you imitate, ay

[Chorus: Dev Hynes]
Tell me how it gonna be
Tell me how it gonna be
Tell me how it gonna be (Ohh)
Tell me how it gonna be

[Verse 2]
With my back against the wall
Nigga imma ball
Show you how to ball, got it with the squad
Never had a job, but I kept the broad
When I'm [?] sex, we ain't [?]
I am cool [?]
Kept a PYT
Your mama on my dick
(Prettier than a bitch)
And I'm overseas
And I had to ball, seein' overseas hoes
(Really litty lit)
We ain't counterfeit like we have face tats
How you name go when, where your hoes? Why your chain don't spin?
Light them up, really like 'em all
Nigga like it all, nigga like it
Tell a kid like me

Tell me how it gonna be (tell me how it's gonna, tell me how it's gonna be)
Tell me how it gonna be (tell me how it's gonna be)
Tell me how it gonna be (imma have it all, [?])
Tell me how it gonna be ([?])

Bow, nigga, bow (x11)
Bow, wow, bow, wow
Bow, nigga, bow
Bow, nigga, bow (shoot)
Bow (pew)

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