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I'm Good (Freestyle) lyrics

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I'm Good (Freestyle) lyrics song presented by Tory Lanez :

I'm good like G double O-D
OG kush by the motherfuckin' oz
Hoes wanna roll with a young nigga so street
You ain't fuckin' Tory 'less you tryna hit the whole team
Fuck it she a groupie, stuntin' nigga, we do beat
Even in the hoopty, niggas can't over hoop me
Play the verse twice, these niggas can't overloop me
You can lost like loose leaf, we too deep
Uh, I put the ice on, my nigga
Keep it 2G iPhone, my nigga
That's why your wife got her eyes on my nigga
I'm talkin 'bout my penis, got a condo on Venus
We ballin' on the court but we ain't got a subpeona
I'm fuckin' bad bitches, ask Venus and Serena
Add Trina with some Tina, a lil bit of Serena
Now you got your self a fuckin' bad bitch martini
Ridin' in the reptar, this shit my step car
Married to the Bentley, broke niggas would wrench it
Tryna keep the peace but hoe niggas prevent me
Rich shit nigga, y'all 99 cent cheap
I don't give a fuck boy, all my thot niggas
Wassup nigga, fuck boy
We ridin' up in the cut with the buck
No he's player hatin' 'cause we up nigga, what boy?
Nigga everythin' swaved out, bottles of the aesop
Ask J. Lo get my peso ASAP
Lookin' with her face out, what the fuck you spaced out?
You don't get the picture, well I gotta get it traced out
We are in a league that she aren't
But she ain't in that 013 G4in
I don't need Melissa, take her sister, keep Lauren
Ralph on me the garments, play like K. Garnett
I stay fly like hornets, important as, an orphan's dad
Been scorchin' as a Tim Hortons ad
With the coffee, chew me like toffee
Tint color is off streak
Sin of a rubber when I fuck her in the car seat
Man I had that pussy drippin' like a frickin' car leak
Rockstar head, had to call that bitch gnarly
And let her ride on a nigga dick like a Harley
Y'all niggas tryna cop some liquor when you party
Pack niggas always got they blickies when they party
Y'all wearin' camo, we the real army
I'm the young Rambo, back full of ammo
Money so tall, make a tall nigga stand low
Power and respect, shit I'm 'bout to take a handfull
I will play these hoes like banjos
And hit bad model broads like Leeann Rose
I'm just sayin' ride with it
Came 5 minutes and came for 5 minutes
Take that chick in, explain why I said it
Take a nigga bitch and swipe like I debit
I bet it on a greater day
Got a price on your head that's layaway
Flow ghost and these hoes can't stay away
I make this shit swave, got paper to make
I'm makin' this beat, these bitches on me
And I'm gettin' this shit for the free
Rhyme, freestylin' off the mind
Just out friend, hoes wanna be in
The Jeep that we in, the Beam that we in
See me on the CN tower 'cause I got that power
And I'm from the Toronto
And them hoes know every nigga that I know
And they fuckin' us all and I'll say that you rhino
And I'm back on this shit, fuckin' hoes from Cubano
And I'm back all you want, please to exit this shit
Sunny stop do not record this
Know I'm playin' recorders
And them bitches is gorgeous
And my shit is just ordered
Everythin' that I got on, my back shit is ordered
And them hoes gettin' mad, them bitches wanna quote us
They just come and record us
Put me down on they bed
Bitches lay me down down, gimme all of they head
I mean membrane
I'm talkin' 'bout the left brain
I sign the bitch will fuckin' Einstein
I fucked her left brain, now she use her right mind
And I blow like a land mine
I fuck these hoes two times
I'm 2-9
That mean I'm twenty nined
And I fucked your bitch 20 times, yeah

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