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Intro (Trap Holizay) lyrics

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[Spoken Word Intro: Gucci Mane]
East Atlanta Santa
Trap Holizay
Funky Fingers
The man of many aliases
My partner
Zay, this right here's a moment
This a story
The greatest producer ever
I could go on talking all day about my partner Zay
The one man live band, my right hand man
Mr. So Icy
We icier than ever
It's magnificent
It's beautiful
The music, it's gorgeous
Zaytoven, made the soundtrack to damn near my whole life
So I just want yall to sit back and relax
Matter fact, scratch that
Stand up, lean forward
Open your eyes, open your ears
Empty your pocket books
If you think I'm saying something stupid, watch your mouth
Zay, your fingers are blessed
I'm honored to do this intro
If it wasn't for Zay there wouldn't be no Gucci Mane
Not Gucci Mane the rapper
Probably Gucci Mane the robber
It all started in Zay's momma's basement
It's Gucci
Trap Holizay

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