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Issues / Hold On lyrics

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Issues / Hold On lyrics song presented by Teyana Taylor :

[Intro: Sample]
I do love you but it's-
I do love you but it's-

[Verse 1]
Fighting to keep us together, hope it's worth a try
You ain't always been an angel but heaven's on our side
I got my demons too, I know just how you feel
You can be real with me, that's why you're still with me
Can't hide behind the carats on a diamond ring
I don't even care if you lie to me
Cause there ain't much to kiss but me these days
I say I do just to say I don't
Don't give me no reason to go through your phone
This is deeper than you and other women, this is daddy issues
This is years putting up with the real time niggas

So hold on, hold on, don't let me go, hold on, hold on (hey)
So hold on, hold on, don't let me go, hold on, hold on

[Verse 2]
You tell me you love me but tell me again, yeah
I need the reassurance every now and then
Love ain't a game full of X's and O's
But I done been played before, I played it safe before
Gave it up to somebody who didn't deserve my body
You gon' have to lend a shoulder, help me kill this hangover
I believe your love for me exceeds the needs
And you gon' take responsibilities
On my healing, I'm feeling
Don't go trading years that we put in

So hold on, hold on, don't let me go, hold on, hold on (hey)
So hold on, hold on, don't let me go, hold on, hold on

You think I'd leave you sad, baby, you know me better than that
You think I'm laying down, way down on your knees, baby
I wouldn't do that, yeah

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