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Laced Up lyrics

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Johnny Juliano
Dot Com!
Yeah, I'm laced up
I'm laced up
I'm laced up
It's K-I double D nigga now I'm here nigga

Alright well guess who's back up into the game
K-I-D and the D is for dang
Out on these beats I lose my mind
Every time I go insane
And I spit that ruthless shit
All that you ain't used to shit
Up before the sun rise
I be on that rooster shit
That Back To The Future shit
Tell them hoes it ain't no game
Fully laced, I rep my game
Flow is doper than cocaine
Not for me no-not for me
I want a monopoly
And I got that Drake flow
Y'all haters ain't stoppin' me
Get out my way, get out my way
'Cause this flow ain't got no brakes
Somethin' like a can of Raid
Buggin' me, gettin' sprayed
Might as well dig a grave
From my team there's no escape
Even if you [?]
All you haters couldn't hang
K.I.D I do my thing
Ask about me, please do
In this game you get one shot
No there ain't no redos
Ask what K-I-D do
If you haven't you need to
All my lines is hella fire
I don't need no redo
On these tracks I speed through
Any beat I eat through
Ain't no way to keep me out
Any crack I squeeze through
Attack all that I see move
And anything that breathes too
Got this game on lock
Ain't gon' ever be a key dude
Back up in this one more time
Sayin' what I gotta say
Got so many ladies with me
Haters probably think I'm gay
But I do this anyways
Any town in any state
Eatin' all these rappers up
New ones on my dinner plate
Welcome you to center stage
Being great, it comes with age
Been at this a lifetime
All you lames is Minute Maid
Just call me a renegade
Blowin' up like a grenade
Tell them lames it's naptime
Like they in the second grade
And you know my steps is great
Never come in second place
I don't know no magic but I'll make your body separate
I can't see the lames because ain't nobody with me
All they do is play games, XBox 360's
Oh but that plays movies too
All you freaking actors
Your show should be comedy
'Cause it's nothing but laughter
I'm livin' my dream, dawg
I'll get at you after
And you know I'm fresh
I've never been out the wrapper
Got so many snacks they call me the Mad Hatter
More paper than books and you can hardly make a chapter
Bite harder than raptors
Yes I walk the walk
And you haters must be paralyzed 'cause all you do is talk, hey
Go 'head talk it up, hey
Talk and talk and talk and talk until you've talked enough
Because I don't give a, I don't give a, I don't give a what
Like Tonka I am tough
Because I'm goin' platinum and you haters goin' nuts
Damn I bet that sucks, but
I don't really care, 'cause
Now I live my life with middle fingers in the air
With a fitted on my hair
And Vans on my feet
And yes I got a stomach that could eat a hundred beats, so
How you wanna do it with the goons or with the mic
'Cause I could have my homie Compos
Do some things you wouldn't like
'Cause he got aim
Hit you from outta sight
And even with his left
He still gon' get it right, hey
Hey shout out to Fully Laced I'm with y'all to the end
'Cause this was meant to happen since before the world began
We don't know how to lose
'Cause all we do is win
And you know my bro
Is more inked up than a pen, hey
Yeah I'm going in
And I'm never comin' out
I'm tryna make it rain like the end of a drought
I'm on the right path
You on a different route
I'm tryin' to buy a car that costs more than your house, hey
Damn it's almost over
So I gotta go quicker
I'm already rich, but I'm tryna get richer
805 is perfect with me in the picture
I don't like the skinheads
F that nigga Hitler
Packet of the swisher, but it ain't for me
'Cause I sing, so I gotta keep my vocal cords clean
I do this off the top, improv team
Hairspray soon, K-I-double D, niggas

Yeah, uh huh
I'm laced up, I'm laced up
Laced up
Fully-fully laced gang
Ay, and I'm going in, and I'm never coming out
Second Semester if you didn't know
Back up in this shit
And that's a wrap

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