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Lemonade lyrics

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Yeah it's K.i.D
Uhuh money symbol at the end of that
Yeah and I just want you to remember that
You know lemonade its k-i-d

They say a diamond forms under pressure right
So when you haters pressure me it only makes me better
I'm never cheesy but I'm getting cheddar
Uhuh and if you don't believe me write me a letter
But please remember that I got more licks then a envolope
And if you haters sick then my flow is the antidote
People like to hate but when I get paid
They won't know what to say like a unrehearsed play
My flow is to cocky need be put in his place
I came from the dirt and my destination is space
So I'mma keep goin and you haters can stay
In the back of the pack and watch me finish the race
I swear that I'ma boss I'm only seventeen
And I spit that clean sht call it listerine
I'm all about my team can't nothin come inbetween
And I think of cold flows till I get a brain freeze
Can you flow session you already know
I got the the hellish flow, I'm hella dope
Haters couldn't see me with a telescope
And I know my flow stay cold haters got me in the zone
Now I'm so far gone now I'm so far ahead of em'
K.i.D is a veteran I'm saluting you haters
For always making me better then I used to be
Used to be you nggas get used to me

Cuz I'm on tv now so forget that sht you used to see
Member when I was broke all you haters used to talk alot
And now my garage got more cars than a parking lot
Now I get my name on a designated parking spot
Rollin with my dogs they just bite they don't bark alot
You can never mussle me even with a hundred leash
B cuz I'm a beast and bite like a got a hundred teeth
I could kill a hundred beats just give me a couple weeks
My cities like muscle beach ain't nobody out here weak
You haters is sinking like a boat that got ahundred leaks
All you haters stink freakin reek like a hundred feet
Yeah I be pushing it cuz I can't pay the parking fee
Cuz I got a hundred whips I would need a hundred streets
Kid of the green is what they call me and I flow so dirty
That I can't stay clean I just can't stay mean
Cuz my flow is to nice and my shoe game cold
Like I'm walking on ice i've been walking on lights
I've been on my way to mars and I don't build cages
But i've got the hardest bars so baby I'mma star

I mean I can do it all the only thing I don't know how to do
Is how to do it wrong so ring the alarm yo K.i.D's the bomb yo
And I'm winning every single thing at the award show
And I got a seperate house and that's where my awards go
Voted most likely to rap until I get a soar throat
Hmm hmm.. yeah what you call a rapper
Got so many lines I think that I should be actor
Or I should be a millionaire getting money faster
And I preach the truth I think that I should be a pastor
Yeah and you are just another clapper
Y'all haters ain't seeing me you can call me casper
Y'all are just some jokes just some straight knee slappers
I'm running the city now ngga i'll get at you after

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