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LIQUID lyrics

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[Verse 1: Ameer Vann]
I grew up all alone, my mom and dad fighting
I moved around a lot, I did a lot of fighting
I met my friend Ian, I seen a lot of cyphers
I did a lot of writing—

[Verse 2: Dom McLennon & Kevin Abstract]
Watch my uncles duck indictments
I'm used to ramen noodles, victims of mental illness
Products of neighborhoods with broken souls and wounded spirits
Don't judge me by appearance (I moved to California)
Started getting paid (nigga, you broke) shit's already boring

[Verse 3: Merlyn Wood]
Dashin' to the money like a hyphen
Fuck a pipe dream man, had this shit when I was in my diapers
Burnin' through my diapers, hot shit
It was hot shit, back when niggas looking for the Loch Ness

[Verse 4: Matt Champion & Dom McLennon]
Stuck 'round dip spittin' assholes, make they mamas bashful
Got holes in my pockets so my shoes full of cash though
Cigar, Fidel Castro, car full of Castrol
See the sunset when I backstroke, can't swim but I could act though

[Outro: Kevin Abstract]
I was playing rock paper scissors with imaginary friends
Imagine having no friends, ay
I was playing rock paper scissors with imaginary friends, ay
Imagine having no friends man
I was playing rock paper scissors with imaginary friends
Imagine having no friends man... ay
Imagine having no friends man

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