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Lockdown lyrics

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Once you were free and you stretched out your wings to the sky
Sky was the limit, cap on your creativity
Team against team could we even the score
Our hearts kept the rhythm, that forbidden beat
Your talons now grip like steel to the weight they chained you to
Two in the morning, you can't hear the rumbling train
Trained not to think or question anything
The chains that had bound you are now obsolete

Please open your eyes,
Everything they told you was a lie,
Think for yourself won't you even try to look past all of those lies
Think for yourself

For generations the answer has always been no
No one remembers and nobody cares to ask
Asking a question is deemed criminal and slowly the silence grows
On the growing list of the mindless, by your name a check
Checkmate the situation if we all toe the line
Line up and never open up your eyes
And don't even think about raising your voice

Leave your mind without thought (they fill it)
Identity erased
Place refuse in your sight (you swill it)
Yeah it seems they got you bound (bound tight)
Yeah it seems they got you beat
The chains that held you down (you down)
They now hang obsolete

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