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DJ Whoo Kid: Amazing how back then fame was more important than business, like-

Cam'ron: Yeah, you know, that's what I was explaining to somebody, I said I didn't mind getting jerked, because I was like, I just want my record on the radio, I just wanna shoot videos

DJ Whoo Kid: And get it poppin'

Cam'ron: I just wanna get poppin', look I don't care, take my publisher, I don't know what that is anyway. You know what I'm saying? (interviewer laughs) Like just take my shit so I can have a video and songs on the radio, I'll figure it out later

DJ Whoo Kid: That's crazy man

Cam'ron: And then the next album, I'll start and I'm like damn these checks ain't like the checks I'm used to niggas seeing. I'm not being able to get 4 or 5 cars or jewelry or things I wanted to get, so I'm like let me figure what's the loophole in this shit. Why I'm not winning?

DJ Whoo Kid: But isn't it crazy that it makes you question what kinda friends you had back then, because they weren't telling you how how the business was running and they were just-

Cam'ron: See that goes to show, maybe they wasn't never really my friends

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