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Losin' My Mind lyrics

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Baby, I'm losing my mind
Asking myself, how can I
Make it up to you, ohhh baby
Thinking back now, oh no
Fooling around was just a crazy game
I played, ohhh baby

Coz girl you left me on my own
I don't know what to do
I guess it doesn't feel right
Baby I can't let go, no.
I just want to let you know

That I'm losing my mind
(Baby, I'm losing my mind)
Everytime I think of you baby
(Baby, I'm losing my mind)
well, girl you really know me
(Baby, I'm looking my mind)
Ohhhhhh ohhhh yeah

Wishing for another chance
See that I'm all alone
And begging for you please
Don't keep me hanging
Hope I can find a way
To convince you that I'm just
Learning all the things
I'm supposed to do
This time it would be true

Cause day and night,
I'll keep on dreaming
A perfect girl
I would like to be with forever
Baby, there's no one else
Startin' to know you're there


I'm sure there's no one else
So glad I know you're there


That's why I'm losing my mind
(Baby, I'm losing my mind)
Baby, I'm losing my mind
(Baby, I'm losing my mind)
Ohhhhh hhh
Don't turn me upside down
Don't Turn me updside down
Don't turn me upside down, turn me...
Don't, don't, don't, don't Don't oh baby


Baby I'm looking my mind
Woohh hey hey heyhey wohhh
Yeah mmm

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