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Meet Me In The Middle lyrics

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[Hook - K.i.D]
I want to go where no one knows
Where no one knows who I am
I want to be
I want to be all by myself
I want to keep
All of the ones who truly make me happy

If they want to leave
Then they can go, I'll find someone else

[Verse 1 - K.i.D]
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Well everyone tells me who I shouldn't be with
And everyone tells me where, where I belong
And I tell them that we could all be together
And everyday everyone tells me I'm wrong

But see, now I don't care 'cos it's unfair to tell me who I should love
And who, I shouldn't care if they care that I'm never there
Well I'm gonna stand right in the middle
If you want to kick it then doggy you can
And if you don't then I guess I won't
Care about fitting you into my plans

'Cos I don't want everybody want me
People think they own me, like stocks in a company
I'mma make a circle of all the people I like
And if you don't wanna be in it then you can take a...
A hike


[Verse 2 - K.i.D]
Well, opinions, opinions, opinions
I hate them
Especially when everybody, everybody makes them
Like 'Oh this person's stupid' or 'Oh this person sucks'
Could all of you pootie tang shut the fuck up?

'Cos I don't give a, I don't give a
I don't give an F-Word
Pulling back and forth until you make a nigga's head hurt
Too many people in my house, Hugh Hefner
It seems that they all have nothing better to do

Then have something to say about me and you
Or her, or she, or him, or who?
Whatever man it really doesn't matter
I just need some freaking space, I think I'm gonna move to Saturn
'Cos I'm only getting madder, it's only a matter of a time
Until my composure starts to decline
This right here is where I draw the fucking line, if you got a fucking life
Get the fuck up out of mine, thank you


[Verse 3 - Samson]
I am so alone, just me and my thoughts
Phone rang so I pick up, oh
No, a dude's on the line hating on me
Like 'What religion are you?'

I tell him I don't know no one faith over another, they're the same
To me, God is like food on a plate
I'm eating these beats, no food on my plate
But back to the point, you need to hush up
'Cos all the judgment falls back on the lap, of the man who judged
And I'm not one to bring, telling 'em that no one can bring me down

But you can meet me in the middle
Spitting that flame, put me underneath the griddle
Cooking up beef, but there's really no beef
How could there be, when the meats made above peace?

Like me, and K.i
May I, be free
Hello, from the bull shh

I wanna go where people show each other love, not hatred
K.i.D, what up?

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