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Paris lyrics

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Paris lyrics song presented by The 1975 :

[Verse 1]
She said 'hello', she was letting me know
We share friends in Soho
She's a pain in the nose
And I'm a pain in women's clothes
"And you're a walking overdose in a great coat"

And so she wrote a plan for it on the back of a fag packet
She had to leave because she couldn't hack it
Not enough noise and too much racket
"I think I've spent all my money and your friends"

Oh, how I'd love to go to Paris again
Oh, how I'd love to go to Paris again

[Verse 2]
Mr. Serotonin Man, lend me a gram
You call yourself a friend?
I got two left feet and I'm starting to cheat
On my girlfriend again
I caught her picking her nose
As the crowd cheered for an overdose
And I don't suppose you know where this train goes
There was a party that she had to miss
Because her friend kept cutting her wrists
Hyperpoliticized sexual trysts
"Oh, I think my boyfriend's a nihilist"
I said, "Hey kids, we're all just the same
What a shame"

Ya know, how I'd love to go to Paris again
And how I'd love to go to Paris again

[Verse 3]
"Oh stop being an arsehole and counting my eye rolls"
"They're like piss holes in the snow" - uh oh
Keeping a tab on my health
Man you're putting me up on a shelf
"Well I'll believe you're clean
But only by seeing your face for myself"

And then she pointed at the bag of her dreams
In a well posh magazine
I said "I'm done, babe. I'm out of the scene,"
But I was picking up on Bethnal Green
She said I've been romanticizing heroin

And oh how I'd love to go to Paris, to Paris again
And how I'd love to go to Paris again
And how I'd love to go to Paris again
And how I'd love to go to Paris again

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