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Party's Over lyrics

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Party's Over lyrics song presented by Interpol :

I can see you on internet
That's your milieu
Practically you are intimate
Suds in the tub

I keep up with your interests
Who's that beside you making the cut
I'll saying he's smiling

These enhance my bad intentions
Without containing my sense of wonder

Let them come crash it
Party's over
No keys and we had to smash it
Party's over

Rock n' roll bitch I'm into it
I like to show you my stuff
Baby cheetahs the Himalayas
What's got you startled umbilical

Leading hand keeps the distance
Sliding stance piece resistance

Let them come crash it
Party's over
No keys and we had to smash it
Party's over

There was some great neighbors who found me
And would not give up to strangers my care
Away from me now
Things come unhanded
Off the rails some

I knew you I need you too
Your trying no reason to
In silence no reason given
No reason to

Let them come crash it
Party's over
The season can hang beside it
Party's over

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