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Pressure lyrics

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Pressure lyrics song presented by Belly :

[Intro: Belly]
Let's go, Yeah
I'm back man
For the first time
I see that look on your face
Come on

[Chorus: Ginuwine]
I think they feel the pressure {4X}
I know they feel the pressure {4X}

[Verse 1: Belly]
Swear to gud I'm about to blow
I'm coming in y'all going out the door
You can hate you can doubt the flow
But tell the whole globe it's about to snow
Broads, cars, record deals and cheddar
I ain't involved if it ain't a mil or better
You feel the pressure? I know you do
Roadsters, Rovers, I overdue
I do it how you suppose to do
Get rich before rap no loans recouped,
I'm what a cold a flow little promo do
Stones looking like a million little photo shoots
Maybe that's why all the models stop
Same time the jaws and the pradas drop,
They feel the pressure like bottle tops
Right before the bottle pop


It's Belly boy get the name right
I paint life you can ask what my game like
Get introduced in the daylight
Seduce and knock boots in the same night
Girls kill for a him,
That's me the new day filmore slim,
I have you sweating till you feel more slim
You wanna feel less them and feel more him (I knowww)
I have to win that's right whole life full of acronyms
DD on her chest, CP on my chest
AC on the seats, TV in the deck
SLR couple GTs and a S
DBD(death before dishonor) when I speak, 200 Gs on my neck
It's B do you feel the pressure yet?
I'm MJ with three seconds left


[Verse 3: Ginuwine]
It's pressure and I know you feel it
Got you freaking got you bouncing
Said we like it like that
Belly and Ginuwine and we just won't stop
Say ohho woaho ohh (ohho woaho ohh)
Say ohho woaho ohh (ohho woaho ohh)
We got bottles popping
Females doing what they wanna do and they can't stop screaming
Said we like it like that
Belly and Ginuwine and we just can't stop
Say ohho woaho ohh (ohho woaho ohh)
Say ohho woaho ohh (ohho woaho ohh)


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