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Rack City (Freestyle) lyrics

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Rack City (Freestyle) lyrics song presented by Tory Lanez :

Fuckin' with the G code, money on the street, hoe
I just need a freak hoe, shout out to Sunny Diamonds

Young Lanez ridin' in the one lane
See you broke niggas ridin' on the one train
And all you rap niggas lookin' like a gun range
Fuck niggas wanna be the entree
Call up the kid side
Holla at a bitch, don't block like Chris Bosh
She can turn me down, don't talk that pish posh
Fly nigga here and they're like inside
I need the money A$AP Rocky
Before the money, Lanez act cocky
She wanna fuck a rap star nigga
Act hard like you ball, where your black card, nigga?

Come from the dot, kid flexin'
Phone check, this ill na na bitch textin'
No sweats if the Minaj gets naked
I was wet when I'm inside of the section
Niggas got 2 ex hoes, it's too stressful
Now a nigga flyer than a UFO
You be on the dick, let the truth get told
You can see my picture in the new echo
Ballin' niggas stunnin', hundred thousand in abundance
Honies love me 'cause this money but they act like it's because me
I'm a motherfuckin' essence, address me as the lesson
She interrupt my speech, she said she got a question
Like, "Why them bitches all up in your knapsack?"
Same reasons why you gotta fix your tracks back
Try to comb it out, girl, better scratch that
Forget about your weave, go and wear your snapback
Fly like woah
If I'm on the plane, gotta see me on top where the highlights go
Money here lookin' like a tide die, bro
I got a goldfish but it might die though
They don't have shit to do to have a nigga doodoo
All motherfuckers with a charm like voodoo
Ridin' in the coupe
And nigga jewels just fruity like some Fruit Loops, high, a nigga poof
SLS, countin' 100s, 100s
I let my bitch keep the 20s, 20s
I ain't frontin' 'cause a nigga got plenty
And gotta save me a dollar for Mellacar and Denny's
I'm wildin' out with the Bentley, smile out in the friendly
These niggas is hatin' on me, I'm hidin' out with the semi
Them bitches wanna holla, them bitches them niggas envy
Even in the Apolla, these niggas goin' think I'm heavy
Motherfuckers, I got your bitch, I don't trust her
Hell no, I never loved her, but she a dog
And the only thing that be missin' is the mustard
But we got Mustard on the beat, hoe

Yeah, I got your bitches in my knapsack
Sincerely Tory, March 26th, motherfuckers, go get that

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