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Rapture lyrics

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Rapture lyrics song presented by Tory Lanez :

Caught up in the rapture of love
Rock the 7's in Toronto, show the Raptors some love
Take a picture with my niggas tryna capture the love
We from the bottom but we tryna adapt to above
See for y'all that'll prolly be a caption your love
But for us it goes back to the strap and the gloves
Back to the birds of the white we was trappin' them ducks
Here today, gone tomorrow like a Snapchat for thugs
So you gotta keep your circle tight, never let it hula hoop
Niggas gon' shoot they shot especially when you the hoop
I'mma do the Sprinter van, two of y'all can do the coupe
The war story sound way better when you recruit the troops
I want for me what I want for them and I'm not a quitter
Most haters don't get better, they get bitter
My nigga clean hit her, so he said I had to get her
And if we both wanna fuck her we can split her
One night with a hitter made her reconsider
Paper on the strip club floor, bitch we came to litter
But everything ain't gold just 'cause it fucking glitter
And if she ain't a gold getter, then forget her
Before the road money we was hood jugging
Before the baddies we was pluckin' hood boogers
That just made the level up better
When life is a bitch and we ain't never upset her
My niggas

And it feels like love
And it feels like love
When it feels
Drop top coupes in the winter babe
We just moving like the winners baby
Drinks up if you feel the same
Oh, na na oh baby, yeah

Caught up in the rapture of love
From where they shoot it out, slap box and strap with the thugs
Went to all different cities on the map with the drugs
Instead of re'in up, we just came back with the plugs
This is post rap yeah I'm talking after the buzz
We became legends they was pushing Acuras 'cause
Same brethrens we ain't know what accurate was
We had each other though that's what impacted the love
This is back when you could bring gats in the club
Had to step light, like its thumb tacks in the rug
If you still down, throw a few cats a dub
Tryan smoke something, we was really after the bud
'Cause the fly cats can't really adapt to the mud
If you ain't God it ain't in your actions to judge
It is what is turns into it was what it was
And um, you know the thirst come with the grub
And the dirtiest is the first one in the tub
And the tough guys really just be wanting to hug
Yeah, when they come down after they bugging
Realize they just caught up in the rapture of love

And it feels like love
And it feels like love
When it feels
Drop top coupes in the winter babe
We just moving like the winners baby
Drinks up if you feel the same
Oh, na na oh baby, yeah

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