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Restricted Raven lyrics

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Restricted Raven lyrics song presented by Tory Lanez :

I gotta get into my, uhh
Story-telling state
It's like

[Verse 1]
Ayo, what happened last summer
It started with a text message saying
"Hey man, my name is Raven and we exchanged numbers
Sometime last night around the Government club"
Now I'm sittin 'here wondering "what?", cause I don't 'member that
But I sat back and played along with her
I logged on my phone, seen her face on Twitter
The voice in my brain saying "Lanez go on get her"
So I'm thinking with all that switching
Looking at my phone, no call back digits
Matter of fact, the phone call restricted
She won't come straight, so I'm all offended
But I let it down
Cause just cause lil mama call block didn't mean we couldn't mess around
So I kept on texting, but I shouldn't love her
And by now she had me open like a book cover
I mean shorty knew everything about me
She my ray of sunshine when it's cloudy
It's like shorty my 3-1 without 3
And then she questioned like "Do you heave a girlfriend?"
I said "nah, I'm as single as first head"
And even though I know I'm lying my pants off
Shorty [?] just to give up the chance dawg
And I never seen Raven in person
But the pictures that she sent me are the whirlwind
And I would change my girlfriend for her sting
So I text her the question "Would you be mine?"
And then I sat back waiting for a reply
And then she text me
See I'm gon' show a lil' something that's gon blow through your sweet mind
She said "Don't get me wrong, cause I ain't player hatin'
But it's your girlfriend nigga, I was playing Raven
The whole time it was me on the phone
Well I know that you ain't faithful, Imma leave you alone
So uhh, to end it off nigga here is my one note
The dream love me and you had is done for
Now this is how I lost a good girl to a dumb phone

[Outro: Voicemail]
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