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Right On Top lyrics

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Right On Top lyrics song presented by KYLE :

Johnny Juliano
Dot Com!
Mr. Man, ooh damn
K.i.D, you know me
C Breezy
B Combos
Baggie O's

[Instrumental Bridge]

[Verse 1]
Alright we right on top, right on top
All green lights and never stop
We ain't got the heater on
But I'm still gon' make it hot
Soda can flow, finna make that pop
Make an air mattress deflate
Hope it's not a waterbed
'Cuz that shit's gon' be makin' waves
Still I be doin' this every day
Cool like shade in the Sunshine State
You know me Mr. K.i.D
Like Frosted Flakes I'm always great
And on a scale of one to five
My girl is like a two plus eight
Tryna scale her booty size
Way to much to calculate
Like ridin' the bull up to the gates
This ain't just for anyone
Yeah I got a lot of hits
This one ain't like any song
And I got a girl who ride it like it's never home
She says my name loud like it's coming from an intercom
Hold my phone and you know that I'm gone
My girl stay right by my side
'Cause I'm like a roller coaster
All the ladies want a ride
All the ladies want to try
But they know they never can
You call me the kid but
Jada C call me the man

[Instrumental Bridge]

[Verse 2]
Alright well yeah it's Mr. Black and Gold
Leave your body black and blue
When I see your body baby I just don't know what to do
I just don't know what to think
Swaggin' like I'm seventeen
Oh my bad, I forgot my age
'Cause I flow like I'm 23
Sun rise up and I'm on my feet
Go back in to kill these beats
My girl got a killer body
Best believe she's killin' me
K-I-Double D, just like my chick, nah I wish
But she's still cute, and I still hit
Money symbol I still get
Green, green, nothing but green
And you nothing is coming between
My girl ride me everywhere
Something like a Subway Train
My flow is beyond insane
I am so beyond the game
And I'm gonna be running this thing
K.i.D but rock Usain
Got more girls than Danny Duncan
And you know I'm fully trained
To ride these hoes with no reins
Waka Flocka with no hands
K-I-Did it again
Get on top quicker than lightning
Ridin' me you better have a license

[Instrumental Bridge]

K.i.D, with no need
C Breezy, ooh man
Right on top, right on top, right on top, right on top
Johnny Juliano
Boy, yeah
Fully Laced Gang
Brought to you by
Unlikely Studios, all up in that ass
Johnny Juliano

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