Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Rip It Up lyrics

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Rip It Up lyrics song presented by Elvis Presley :

'Cause it's Saturday nite and I just got paid
Fool about my money don't try to save
My heart says go, go
Have a time 'cause it's Saturday nite
And I'm feelin' fine

I'm gonna rip it up
I'm gonna rock it up
I'm gonna shake it up
I'm gonna ball it up
I'm gonna rip it up
And ball tonite

I got a date and I won't be late
Pick her up in my '88'
Shag it on down to the union hall
When the music starts jumpin'
I'll have a ball

Along about 10 I'll be flying high
Rocking on out into the sky
I don't care if I spend my gold
'Cause tonite I'm gonna be one happy soul

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