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SATURATION 003 lyrics

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[Verse 1: Ameer Vann]
Martin Luther movement back, I just bought a Cadillac
I ain't put no rims on it, niggas don't know how to act
"Where the fuck you get this cash?"
Questions that my momma ask
Woke up naked on the beach, pretty bitch in the sand
Take a pic in the sand, point and shoot in the head
None of these hit the brain, it all goes

[Hook: Kevin Abstract]
Don't worry 'bout me, hey
Don't worry 'bout me, hey
Don't worry 'bout me, hey
Don't worry 'bout me, hey
Don't worry 'bout me, hey
Don't worry 'bout me, hey
Don't worry 'bout me, hey
Don't worry 'bout me (hey)

[Verse 2: Merlyn Wood]
And when I was a young one, I walked with a headphone
When I was a young one they wouldn't let me have one
They said "you no can't have none", said "you no respect none"
But I do that, ride like an idiot, you can never see me
Y'all dumb piglets, I got a feeling
Somethin' in your stomach, your ten toes
Bendin' shit like I'm on it
Got my hundreds wrapped up tighter
Than your ass, in them tighty-wities
I got me, like it, I got what I like it
I get what I like it, uh, uh
Bruh, but I get it, I like it, yo, I got this, yeah, I got this
I look at you, I got this, yo, I got this
I look at you, I got this, I got this
LMAO, I split your legs like some fuckin' mayo
I call your daddy and your momma and run in they home
'Cause I'm a asshole, I'm a wild ass nig, you know
'Cause I ain't really get attention when I was younger
I don't, uh, all I ever had was the hunger
And a need for the money
It's late in the night, I had munchies
It don't stop, man, it fuckin' not stoppin'
When the flow choppin
When the beat drop
I can feel the floor drop
I can feel the ceiling rise
I can feel myself high, yeah
And the girls say "Hi"
So please tell me why
That I drop this new movement
All these hits in 5:57
When I'm feelin' fly in a 747
Yeah, I think it's just me and my brethren

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