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Someone Too lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Well hey hey baby I think you're super cute
And you're hard to figure out like a Rubix cube
And you're super cool like a fridge or sumthing
See i just wanna keep it all and get rid of nuthin
And if you talk to me shit I'll say sumthing funny
That shit will make ya smile
It will make ya wanna drop those new pants you just bought to the ground
And let me pick you up later to take yo ass down
Sorry honey that wasn't funny
I need to practice
Maybe I could use you
Maybe I could use you
As someone who laughs at everything I do
And makes me feel like I'm someone too

Lets just pretend
I'm someone too x8

A lot of the shit I say
Will always be stupid or always be lame
My hands out and I am begging you to take it
You don't have to like it I'm just asking you to fake it baby

[Verse 2]
I belong with a freaking actress
Even if they are damn at least they can act less
Annoyed of this teenage boy with a big nose
Like tucan said follow it where ever it goes
But it only smells you so I guess I am kinda screwed
Until I find some nose plugs or sumthing fuckin else
Cause everyday's Christmas and I'm a fuckin elf
Working my ass off trying to make you wanna laugh ahh
Make myself feel crappy just to make you fuckin happy
And you always wanna fight like that Lil dog Scrappy
And I'm scooby doo whatever the hell you want
And do I get a Scooby Snack nope now how rude is that
How true is the fact that no matter who it is or even where it's at
JanSport I had your back girl
And makes me feel like I'm someone too



And makes me feel like I'm someone too


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