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Stuck On You lyrics

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Stuck On You lyrics song presented by Elvis Presley :

You can shake an apple off an apple tree
Shake-a, shake- sugar,
But you'll never shake me
No-sir-ee, uh, uh
I'm gonna stick like glue,
Stick because I'm
Stuck on you

Gonna run my fingers thru your long black hair
Squeeze you tighter than a grizzly bear
Yes-sir-ee, uh, uh
I'm gonna stick like glue
Stick, because I'm
Stuck on you

Hide in the kitchen, hide in the hall
Ain't gonna do you no good at all
'Cause once I catch ya and the kissin' starts
A team o' wild horses couldn't tear us apart

Try to take a tiger from his daddy's side
That's how love is gonna keep us tied
Yes-sir-ee, uh,uh
I'm gonna stick like glue
Stick, because I'm
Stuck on you

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