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Super Ness lyrics

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Super Ness lyrics song presented by KYLE :

Can you feel it!
Can you feel that shit though
'Cuz I can
Oh yeah
I'm just warning you, I'm really fucking good at this
Uh huh, yeah, look

Well it's the big bad nigga that's late to every single class
K.i.D is here but don't you know that I will whip your ass
Yeah I'll roast ya
Yeah your boy is hot as a toaster
And I make these ladies wetter somebody get 'em a coaster ay
And I'm killing it every day
K.i.D so freaking great
I just be bagging these niggas up, Frito-Lay
And I'm on my super duper duper duper duper shit
Team full of supermen, ay there's my buddy Superman
You're little friends are super [?] 'cuz she gets on my super nerves
What's that "You're not going to college" are you super nerds
Smell 'em like a super turd
That fell from a super bird
Yeah I say super a lot 'cuz super that's a super word
Doggie what the fuck is up
Chillin' with my [?] villains
T-I-U, nerd it up, valley niggas love to kill it
Killin' all these other weak weak repeats
Of other rappers that K.i.D deleted
Same old sequins
Rappers get devoured in the fully laced [?]
I don't need a reason
I just kick ass 'til my feet start bleeding
(That's a lot of asses kicked)
Alright well it's K dot, I dot
You stop, being a freaking cheapo
And pay your girl [?]
Your fleece so, Evil Knievel
When it comes to tracks, my swag is V Gap
Because I be goin' in like I'm never coming back
And usually I don't my mind just stays cracked
When you see me and it looks like I don't know where the hell I'm at
It's because I'm fucking distract, and I still ain't made it back yet
Call me [?] everything I do is magic
Always with a gang of white boys like the Maverick
Now I chase female dog, I just distracted
It's that young bull that can bowl like a magnet
For good girls loving that dick and my swagger's estatic
You can try and add it or you can try to subtract it
But I'll never be an equal
Tryna take my spotlight is lethal
It's like tryna take the ring from Smeagol
It probably obviously ain't gon' happen
Moldy like zombies, you talkin' to the captain
You come to my shows, everybody be like "Damn!"
When you go to your shows everybody be like, "damn"
Yeah, and that probably sucks for you
'Cuz every song you make dawg, I'ma make two
And most of you haters don't even know what to do
Because even with a U-Haul, you couldn't make a move
Yeah, and that probably sucks for you
Because even with the U-Haul, you couldn't make a move

Thank you
Oh yeah, oh yeah
I warned you I was pretty fucking good at this
I'm both, I'm both
You know, who's the man, K.i.D
I haven't done that in so fucking long
Yeah, yeah
Super duper though
Super duper though
Skinny niggas running shit

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