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The Feeling lyrics

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And I gotta, and I gotta (Johnny Juliano)
I'm talking a fucking, original here (Dot Com)
Yeah, yeah

So um, I've been killin' all these shows
Takin' trips across the globe, meetin' everyone I know
Seen everyone you don't be
With takin' pics with these feens in skinny jeans
And hundred dollar tees boy
I never bow down, got a bad knee boy
K-I-double destroy what they all call me
Yeah you know she call me
Somethin' like Spalding, I can't stop balling
Bounce on the stage and everybody's applauding
When I'm at your shows, all I hear is people yawning
'Cuz you are boring, definition of lame
Mixtape comes with a free cup of coffee
So they can stay awake
K-I-doin' my thing
And if I kill you off I am sorry
I'm ready to battle but ain't nobody callin'
Stick shift rappers all you haters keep stallin'
You ain't gotta [?] man
You ain't gotta come man
This ain't Facebook, I do whatever I want it, want it
My flow ain't dumb, it's retarded
So y'all haters will stop [?] I was ever gettin' started
I'm on it
Yeah, and I'm never fallin' off
I keep this shit spinnin' like a Beyblade, talk
People is talkin' a lot but they never tryna do nothin'
They like some scientists, always tryna prove something
I'm like the U-Haul, always tryna move something
Better try Google, Wiki, or Blues Clues something
No, I'm never old I'm that new something
All I do is win, I don't how to lose nothing
No I don't know what to do
Got a house full of honeys like Mr. Winnie The Pooh
Boo-hoo, ooh-hoo, so sad now
'Cause I'm in that front row, you was in that background, dawg

Yeah, I know
People gon' say "What the hell is you on?"
But I'ma say "Nothing, this what I'm feelin'"
This is my feeling, this you can feel it
And look alive, look alive
Everybody throw they hands in the sky
In the sky, in the sky
Everybody throw they hands in the sky
This what I'm feeling

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