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THUG LIFE lyrics

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[Chorus: Kevin Abstract & bearface & London Community Gospel]
I gotta get that bag
It's a thug life, it's a thug life
I gotta get that bag (sha-na-na-na-na-sha-ah)
It's a thug life (la-da-da-da)
It's a thug life (it's a, oh-uh-oh)
Ooh-ah (Sha-na-na-na-na-na-sha-ah)
La-da-da-da (It's a— oh-uh-oh)

[Verse 1: bearface & Kevin Abstract]
Tried to treat a man like baby
Feel the teeth sink in like rabies
Boy you know you don't look fly
Dem gold chains turn your neck green, bye

[Verse 2: Dom McLennon]
It's different reconciling with skeletons I ain't know I possessed
I sought perfection out in ways I no longer accept
I understand what I neglect, the times when I obsess
I’m learning to confess, this fate is harder to digest
The biggest threat I’m up against is who I face in my reflection
Depression still an uninvited guest, I'm always accepting
Can’t help but meet the feeling with a familiar embrace
When I know that it’ll kill me if I give into my brain
I see the shadows inside, they ten feet tall with no eyes
They put my head in the water and they’re it’s so beautiful under
The sun reflecting off the corals colors I can’t describe
To make the darkness divine

[Chorus: bearface]
It's a, oh-uh-oh
It's a, oh-uh-oh

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