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Untogether lyrics

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I was friendly with this girl who insisted on touching my face
She told out-rageous stories, I believed them
Til the endings were changing from endings before
She's not touching me anymore...

Untogether. I couldn't help him, I got hard.
You can try your whole life, but you can't save the unsaveably

I was shipwrecked with this frog who was? Constantly? Testing my faith.
He made outrageous demands, I ignored him,
Til I strapped on my bird feet and surfed into shore
He's not touching me anymore.

Untogether, I couldn't help him, I got hard.
You can try your whole life,
But you can't change the unchangeably

Now this bird nests on my back, keeps me turning and straining to see.
We threw out-rageous parties, we were golden.
Now the bird keeps her distance, and I keep my spleen.
Sometimes there's no poison like a dream.
Untogether, I couldn't help it, it got hard.
You can dry your eyes,
But you can't hold the impossibly

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