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US lyrics song presented by Azealia Banks :

I want that navigator
She got that Adam's apple and she asked about that passion
And we passed her with that nectar
And passed her wacker friend
Piece to the keys to put that car in
If they the keys that act up in
It's beasts in the streets in leather skin
She put a decent effort in but she's at the precinct haemmoraghing
Bring it to these bitches like Alpo
Bitches getting snitches if she under my sexplaincalpel
Bitches getting bitches when I tell 'em who the sight's on
Have these girls runnin' like roaches with the lights on

They been on that goofy shit
We been on that Gucci shit
Apple Cherry Gucci clique
Mmm Mmm Yeah
Ya'll be swearin' you the shit
But ya'll be sharin' shoes and shit
Cool it bitch
Yeah, we be gettin' paper

Cause I can't entertain you
I got nothing to say to ya (no no)
I don't even blame you
If I was you I'd hate too

You can't even fuck with us
Can't even fuck with us (Worldwide)
You can't even fuck with us
Can't even fuck with us

[Verse 2:]
These bitches saying they poppin' shit
And they hatin' cause we are
We the crиme de la crиme
All them other bitches are the H to the I-Ms
These niggas like her
They try to get in her cypher
But he can't
Can't even roll text with us
These niggas can't even stand next to us
Trust, that I seen these bros be
Tryna make ends meet, Pantene Pro-V
Try to send beats to her
And he's hoping
He can get a 16, he can get me open
But, um, I ain't fuckin' with these hipster niggas
These niggas really like sista niggas
You know, they sweeter than them spritzer niggas
I know niggas probably kissed a nigga
I know niggas probably dicked a nigga
Anyway, it's the B-A-N-K-S
To them niggas with V-I-S-A
Put a couple commas in them Z-E-are-Os
Lookin' for the dollars for the C-O-I-Ns
You need to get enough for both me and my friends
Yeah, we're more dimes than two bucks
These niggas be up in the hood like Ku Klux

Puffing on that loose-again
Puffing on that 2 for 10
All these niggas
Oodling, oodling
Yeah, yeah
Ya'll niggas cool and shit
But all my bitches too legit
We rule


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