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We Can... lyrics

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[Intro: K.i.D]
Oh damn, K.i.D
Can't believe what the hell I see
Someone give me some caffeine
Cause I think I'm in a dream
Jeans is bustin' at the seams
'Cause ya booty's super big (Johnny Juliano!)
Fresher than some Altoid mints leave your man
Come with the kid damn (Dot Com!)

[Instrumental Bridge]

[Verse 1: K.i.D]
Hey with the high heel shoes
There's so much things we can do
Maybe I can take you on a luxury cruise
London, Asia you can choose
I've been thinking this thing through
You look as good as I do
Little bit of me and a whole lot of you
Piano keys, one, three, two
So, anyways I'm cool like Jackson
Yes I'm famous, why you asking?
I'm just like the Incredible Hulk
Cause I'm always, always smashing
I'm just jk-ing (about) smashing everything
It's only happened twice
Can you be number three?
Shoutout Jada C
Don't care what ya family thinks
I'm begging for it please, please, please
Crawl into these sheets
It's room for you and me
You say you don't know how, but I wanna hear you sing
Incredible sounds
Earthquake flow, shakes the ground
Magic mountain roller coaster
'Round and 'round then up and down
Side, side maybe not, I'm takin' you to the top
Climbin' til we finally reach that drop (drop)

[Instrumental Bridge]

[Verse 2: K.i.D]
Hey, I've been thinking for a minute
How would life be if you had me in it?
Knock it out the park, playing at the Penant
Home run baby, lets go get it
All the things that we can do
Only for a weekend boo
Ain't no plans for me and you
Sounds like a plan
So we can just go boom, bang, biggity-bam
K-I-D and the 'D' is for damn
Damn, he does it top notch
Makes it pop, soda can
Say they will, but they know they can't
F-U-C with the K-I-D
I don't lay it down
I make it slam
Dennis flow, make it rain
Oh, woah, what you thought?
I don't know, but it wasn't right
K.i.D's as cold as ice
And I'm on your woman's head like lice
Carey flow, price is right
Buy everything that's in sight
My flow is far from polite
But (?) that kid is nice
Woah, yeah I like him though
My girl glow in the lights, down low
Her body is picture-perfect
Everywhere from head to toe
Yeah, that's right she got nice toes
Like them fries, I'm tryna curl 'em
Tryna leave her with that head twirlin'

[Instrumental Bridge]

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