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Whad'ya Say lyrics

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Whad'ya Say lyrics song presented by Uriah Heep :

Whadya say ...

Lady you're tyin me down
Turning my heart to stone
And I can't help feeling
Id be better off
Back out in the streets alone

Baby you're hurtin me
Deserting me again
I looked for your loyalty
And found a fickle friend

We could try to get back
On the right track baby
Or leave it, just throw it away
We could pick it up, pack it up
Make up or break up
Lets try it again

Faced with this situation
There's two things we can do
A lot of it is up to us
But most of it's down to you
You know we
Shouldnt play with love
Its a dangerous thing to do
So lets not get agony
And ecstasy confused

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