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Who Hurt You lyrics

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Who Hurt You lyrics song presented by Belly :

[Intro: The Weeknd]
Ooh, woah
Woah, oh
Oh, yeah-eah
Woah, woah

[Verse 1: Belly]
Uh, they sold me dreams, tell 'em, "Keep the change"
Evil in their veins, they don't bleed the same
Greed and fame, we should really feel ashamed
Buyin' Cubans, most my people still in chains
Convos with God, squad, Rod and Tar-Tar
She been goin' hard, got her nose like an aardvark
Chopped off, lookin' like the man on the crosswalk
Arms crossed, tryna find the light in my dark heart
First ki' I ever cut, I got high off it
'Cause I never knew the residue would fly off it
Sellin' dope, actin' like the fiends won't die off it
All we gave a fuck about was gettin' fly off it
Shells on the floor in your office
Lookin' like you sent a whole staff out for crawfish
Bitch, you ripped my heart out just to ask me why I'm heartless
She shootin' for the stars, and I guess I ain't a target
I guess you ain't a marksman, bitch, 'cause now I'm arson-lit
You couldn't even ride for me, you car sick
I mean, I understand if the shit was a long trip
But I guess you must have hopped on the wrong dick, you dumb bitch

[Chorus: The Weeknd]
(Who hurt you?)
Ooh, woah
Woah, oh
Oh, yeah-eah
Woah, woah

[Verse 2: Belly]
Uh, they lie about us in these affidavits
So when they kill us, you can validate it
You downplay it and say that we exaggerate it
In the valley smokin' Cali, gettin' calibrated
In the field, you feelin' squeamish, you Willie Beamen
Me, I got too many demons and a million reasons
Man, I got too many foes, got 'em figured out
Ex-hoes that wanna kill me that don't even count
Fuck love, I brought drugs to my intervention
Greenlight you, they gon' catch you at the intersection
All these bitches throwin' pussy, I just intercept it
And she gon' swallow dick 'til she get indigestion
Tat above your naval section, "Enter at your own discretion"
Goddamn, that's a lastin' first impression
You had a right to be high on yourself
Shit, I was high on everything else, so what the hell, oh?

[Chorus: The Weeknd & Belly]
(Who hurt you?)
Ooh, woah
(I was told, I was told)
Woah, oh
Oh, yeah-eah
Woah, woah

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