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Wyclef's Interlude lyrics

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[Voicemail: Wyclef Jean]
TT, what's up? It's your boy, Wyclef Jean
I'm giving you this call, all the way out in the islands, checkin' up on you
I gotta tell you, the mixtape is very, very crazy
I just wanted to call you—I gotta tell you things to look out for, you know what I mean, 'cause I came in the game I was like 14, 15 years old when I came in the game
I couldn't even speak English, you know what I mean?
I came from Haiti coming to America, like that Eddie Murphy story Coming to America, real talk, that was my story
One of the things I remember them telling me, you [?] people, you ain't never gonna make it
So if someone has time to concentrate on you 24 hours, hatin' on you, tellin' you ain't gonna be successful, tellin' you you different, tellin' you you ain't gon' go nowhere, that's when you know you have a shot to get to the top
So what you do is you take all that hate, all that aggression, all that hate, and you turn it into some good music, you know what I mean, and you bound for nothin' but success, you know what I mean?
But when you get up there, invest that money right, don't blow it, you know what I mean
Buy some buildings, you know what I mean?
Occupy some buildings, you know what I mean?
Get your neighborhood back, put some people to work
It's your boy Wyclef, you know what it is, words of wisdom
TT, love you
And you are sexy as fuck! I'm out

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