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Youzza Flip lyrics

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[Verse 1 : Jay 305]
I'm that nigga, same old nigga
Ain't shit changed, name getting bigger
Hoes be choosin, hoochies be rooting
Fuck is you doing? Bitch start screwin'
I ain't here to play games witcha or kiss ya
Bitch youzza flipper, be on them dolphins
Since the 8th grade bitch you been tossin
They used to call you choo-choo at Dorsey
Seen her at Stars? Yeah at the back tho
In and out the club? Yeah that's that ho
Kicking it with rappers? Yeah that's that ho
Fuckin with athletes? Yeah that's that ho
Anywhere the money is, is where the pussy go
She made a career, off her pussy ho
Damn shame cause the bitch she still broke
No judgin', freak show, iChat, no cuffin'

[Hook : Jay 305]
Youzza flip, we know you
Don't act, you ratchet
Youzza flip, we know you
Don't act, you passed it
Youzza flip, we know you
Don't act, you ratchet
Youzza flip, we know you
Don't act, you passed it

[Verse 2 : YG]
Look Youzza Flip, L.A. Ratchet
I heard that pussy burn like acid
Fucked you at a studio on Fairfax
I hope my nigga ain't hit it bareback
Afro on the clit that's a no-no
Youzza neighborhood flip, they call you roll-roll
You at the county getting food stamps you doo-doo
I'm on World Star looking at new-new
In Hollywood every night, ratchet
You lettin' niggas hit it raw, you nasty
Been on your knees sucking dick so they ashy
You got the chip to pay for anything ratchet
I passed it, ace thrashed it
Flying out of town fuck them niggas shootin' baskets
(You don't know me)
Bitch ya I do
(You don't know me)
Bitch ya I do
Youzza flip

[Hook : Jay 305]

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