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Better Lying Down lyrics

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Better Lying Down lyrics song presented by Grace Slick :

It's alright,
You don't have to stand up on you're feet
When she comes sliding into to town
That's al-alright
Anyway I'll tell you how I see it here
I'll tell you, I'll tell you just what I found
She don't recognize you standing up
You know she thinks you look,
You look better lying down

Here's the list
She can give you some tooth dropping city woman
A hot stop and read fine sugar
All day sucker type
Licking type of San Juan
Long tongue daddy
Few people may get up and go, ooh ooh ooh
They just get right up out of their seats and go
But as long as you're smiling
Nothing wrong about, nothing wrong about
Where you're going down
Here, here or there

I don't see any triangle stop sign
I don't see any kind of stop sign in you way
Mmm, I don't hear, I don't hear any questions being asked
About where you wanna go
Or where you wanna stay
Oh good Lord, Lady Rawhide
She definitely looks like she knows the way
Knows the way
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