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Hyperdrive lyrics

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Hyperdrive lyrics song presented by Grace Slick :

I never thought there were corners in time
'Til I was told to stand in one
One straight line head on into the other
Maybe standing in a corner looks like where it's got to come

But I pretend one wall is the past and one is the future
And I'll stand here like the present looking for a good place to run
Every fish that swims upstream now that's a catch
Because the full mouth never wants to stop cooking

The map may be flat and the globe may be patched
But the long line keeps right on hooking
Circles in the ring of fire, where do you go
On a night that is clear and warm, oh
Where do you go?

I never thought there were corners in time
'Til I was told to stand in one
I've heard circles moving right through corners
And they don't even know they've been around and around
And around before

Ringing, ringing against each other on a singing chain
Like a flying magnet hyperdrive has never seen any reason
To remain the same

Because I felt it, I believe it
There are things I've never seen that I believe
So I'm gonna place my face right in the triangle door
Till I can move right on through instead of just standing here
Looking at the door

And it rains again tonight, I can think light years ahead
Or I could put myself back a thousand years ago
As if I'd always been here before or as if I am still to be born
I'm a slow loser, but I'm a fast learner that much I know

Anyone can go that much I know
Anyone can go that much I know
Anyone can go
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