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Abraham lyrics

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Abraham lyrics song presented by Bing Crosby :

Upon a February morn
A tiny baby boy was born
Abraham, Abraham

When he grew up this tiny babe
Folks all called him Honest Abe
Abraham, Abraham

In eighteen sixty, he became
The sixteenth president
And now he's in the hall of fame
A most respected gent

That's why we celebrate
This blessed February date
Abraham, Abraham

When black folks lived in slavery
Who was it set the darkie free?
Abraham, Abraham

When trouble came down from the shelf
Who's heart was bigger than himself?
Abraham, Abraham

The country's going to the dogs
They shouted loud and long
Then from a cabin made out of logs
The right man come along

And that is why we celebrate
This blessed February date
Abraham, Abraham

The U.S.A.'s united thanks
To one whose name was Nancy Hanks
Abraham, Abraham

She gave this land the finest son
Who ever went to Washington
Abraham, Abraham

Someone told him General Grant
Was drinking every night
He answered, 'Go see if you can't
Get all my generals tight'

That's why we celebrate
This blessed February date
Abraham, Abraham

Thank the Lord for
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