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Chroma Mera lyrics

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I give in to the absurd, and forfeit all I’ve learned
Back to simpler ways, cause I’m not here to stay

I am all but dead, cause I’ve a life to live
Youth I relish in, while wallowing away

Memories turn grey, and fade
The colors of this place will change
The time that takes away your sorrows
Is time that takes away your age

Sometimes pacified, alone and uninspired
Though cradle to the grave I will make my way

Stumble through this place
Bridges I have burnt still smolder
I make my way to higher ground
And watch the rain fall on my past

Road less traveled I’m striding, blind but loud,
I’m surrounded but alone
See the telling signs, clear and plain in sight
Ignore them and move on

Seen every color and every shade
And through it all I made my way

In time come to find, wrong in what was right
Sold to control

I’m no one but I’m a-live, and rule my world
And I’ve only just begun
I’m done stepping light, hiding in plain sight
My-stride felt here n on

This life my stage, my endless play
My closing act my last breath
And through this all I made my way
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