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Ciribiribin lyrics

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Ciribiribin lyrics song presented by Bing Crosby :

When the moon hangs low in Napoli
There's a handsome gondolier
Every night he sings so happily
So his lady love can hear
In a manner oh gravissimo
He repeats his serenade,
And his heart beats so fortissimo
When she raises her Venetian shade

Ciribiribin, chiribiribin, ciribiribin

Ciribiribin, he waits for her each night beneath her balcony
Ciribiribin, he begs to hold her tight, but no, she won't agree
Ciribiribin, she throws a rose and blows a kiss from up above
Ciribiribin, ciribiribin, ciribiribin, they're so in love

Ciribiribin, ciribiribin, ciribiribin, they're so in love
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