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Greed lyrics

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Greed lyrics song presented by A Plus :

[Verse 1:]
One two now
It's A+ and the Hieroglyphics is the crew now
Presently showing you how to make a tune sound
Make the roof pound if you play the levels too loud
Impossible to cool down
Make the ladies say "ooh oow"
Brothers yellin' (hoe)
I still be rockin' the party even though the other one is sellin'
Mr. A+ never was a felon
And I could be lyin' but no one is tellin'
I come from heaven and it's nice to meet you
People be trippin' hella faulty is how they like to treat you
You could think I'm slippin' and you saucy but then I defeat you
Faulty images I can see through
You should try to be you instead of that nigga you tryin' to be dude
I could expose every copy carbon (yeah)
But I'm makin' sure life never got me starvin'
I'm move makin' cause the tomb is waitin'
And if you truly through with fakin' you'll awaken
Or you can remain another through the breakin'

There's more to life than what they're all hollerin'
But if you remain tolerant
And when you're dead look where your dollar went
It should all be common sense
But look at what the single word greed got us in

[Verse 2:]
So bad you think you've got to see your views darkenin'
And then you caught again
Now you see there's no defense against the consequences (so)
It's all plain and simple (what?)
Refrain from simpin' about some shit you claim you been through
I'm takin' the good with the bad things
I can remember when all I wanted was to have things
But now it's not what I can give but what I can bring
To the sad scene
Fat stacks, green for the rap fiends
With no actin'
No unbelievable tale
That you can see that is stale
All the pretendin' is seemin' to fail
I won't laugh when you are leavin' to jail
Cause the way this country is it could be me in the cell
Steady fiendin' for mail
But that's highly unlikely
I'm shinin' with a light so brightly
Blindin' your sight
We keep you rewindin' nightly
Remindin' you politely
Of hip hop formed tightly


Hieroglyphics in the house y'all. For y'all greedy bastards out there.
"Imitators" [scratching]
A+ in the house. Souls of Mischief in the house. My man Del in the house.
Casual, Pep Love, Jay Biz turn it out. Domino good to go. With the flow to
Let you know, Hiero.IN the studio my man God is in the house. Yeah. Mackmilly
In the house uh. Hieroglyphics y'all
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