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Hide Your Heart lyrics

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Hide Your Heart lyrics song presented by Ace Frehley :

Johnny caught a ride on the streetcar named desire
His fate was sealed
She could've seen him coming like a hundred other guys
It was no big deal

Rosa, had a lover on the shady side of town
He was King of the streets
She was his possession like a jewel on his crown
Johnny better run, better run!

Better hide your heart
Better hold on tight
Say your prayers 'cuz there's trouble tonight!
When pride and love battle with desire
Better hide your heart, 'cuz you're playing with fire!

Aha, ha, ha, ha
Ahey, hey, hey
Ado, do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Aha, ha,ha,ha
Ahey, hey, hey
Ado, do, do, do, do, do, do, do

The ride was over but the story doesn't end
He took her heart
She looked him in the eye and said they couldn't meet again
You could see the trouble start

The word went out that Rosa's messing with someone
It was on the street
Tito looked for Johnny with a vengeance and a gun
Johnny better run, better run

Johnny's holding Rosa on a rooftop in the night
As time stood still
They couldn't hear him coming 'til he had them both in site
You could feel a chill...

A shot rang out like thunder
And the blood was on her hands
With nothing won!

When someone has to die
You know they finally understand!
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