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It Ain't Right lyrics

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Autonomy, the right not to be taken away
People have the right to their own lives, so respect individuality
Integrity, a right not to be dragged in the dirt
People are different, with minds of their own
That's the way it's meant to be

But then there are always bastards who'll do anything
For a moment in the spotlight, they're gonna lie and cheat

You know it ain't right
To walk over people's lives
Think about that
When you are counting your broken bones

Variety, diversity, do you know what that means
A vital scene built on respect for one another
And not on who's got the best techniques
Unity, that's what we want, but will you ever understand
This time we let you know there's really no room
For your high horses of superiority

Punkrock ain't no competition, you stupid clown
The kids will spraypaint "joke", "fool" and "moron"
All over your holy ground

You know it ain't right...

No one's better that anyone
Everyone is someone
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