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スキだよ -MY LOVE- (English Translation) lyrics

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"See you…"
I parted with you, trying to play it cool, again tonight.
No "goodbye" kiss from you?
I want you to hold my hand
Looking up at the sky
The stars are laughing at me
"You should be more honest"
But I can’t… with you

Because I love you.
You’d hate it if I get too excited, right?
Cause I’m in love.
I still cannot say it to you
I want you to know me
Who cannot take the step
So I tried making a wish to the starry sky

Waking side by side with you, leaning on your shoulder
I want to keep stealing a glance
Of your side profile, forever

Because I love you.
You’d hate a free(easy) girl, right?
All I need is your love.
No matter how hard I fall in love with you
I just can’t say it to you

How can I deliver this feeling?
I close my eyes and wish to the falling stars in the sky
"Please, if god exists, please
Give him to me."

My love, my love, I love you
"Please, god, please"
Really I still
Cannot say it to you

I wish to all the wishing stars in the world
Again tonight
Love you
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