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Primitive Logic (Technological Death) lyrics

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Primitive Logic (Technological Death) lyrics song presented by Adrenicide :

Terror is raging inside
Hatred runs wild in the veins of all man
Down-fall of all human-kind
Extinction the cure; let the earth breathe again

We gouged out her eyes
And we sealed up her womb
Neclected our mother; showered her with bombs
Now the earth is a tomb

Vicious the ends callous hold
Reaping the harvest; humanity's crime
Planet once green now ice-cold
Nuclear winter ereses all time

Primitive logic...
Primitive logic...

Endless the whirl-wind of fear
Ripping the air from out our lungs
Never salvation upon the earth appears
Rot in the wreckage of what we've done

Masters of their own design
Batheings in fire; war-heads drop like rain
Worship at unholy shrines
Dying in torment; white-hot is our pain

Now comes the hatred
Now comes the grave
Now comes the terror...
... insanity, fear, destruction and pain
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