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Rejection lyrics

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Rejection lyrics song presented by Abacabb :

Are you intentionally killing me?
Can you not see what's going on?
You are oblivious to my depression
My hatred for you has never been stronger
But my love for you still wins the battle
Is your heart still warm blooded or
Have you completely run cold on me?
I know exactly what you thought
You thought you had me beat, well you thought wrong bitch
You're nothing but a piece of clay that this world
Has molded into something terrible
This must be a dream because it hurts way too much
This might be reality because it's killing me
This must be reality because it's fucking killing me
My mental imagery has faded into my reality and
I can't tell them apart anymore
I thought we had this all planned out but you rejected all my intentions
You must have been thinking this since day one
I can see what's going on here
This is a rejection of everything I have work for
You wasted my time and now I'm the only one left to say goodbye
This is the end
This is the end of everything
If I could promise you one thing, it's that you'll miss me when I'm dead
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