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Talking Chess lyrics

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This is the one situation I wanted most to avoid.

Then what on earth are you doing? You could be better employed.

No. Please hear me out. I think I can help.

If it's about Florence I'm warning you

No. It's not about her, your wife or your kids or money or Walter or Molokov.

What the hell is it?

I want to talk chess.


Something I've noticed in Viigand. It's his King's Indian Defense. One of the lines he's been trying doesn't completely make sense.

Why? I don't understand.

I told you his King's Indian

No, I don't understand why you're helping me.

Because I love chess. Does nobody else? Jesus, sometimes I think I'm the only one. How can you let mediocrity win.

What about Florence's father? My wife and my children?

You've let them all down already. Win or betray yourself too. You don't want those shits to get what they want.

They'll get what they want. They always do.

No. They won't if you win. Be true to the game. The one thing you know you can count upon.

What about Florence?

The one thing is chess.


How can you let mediocrity win? You have one chance left. Win for chess. You were five one up. Now it's five all. Get a grip.
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